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After three months of development Ganeti Web Manager 0.4 has been released! This project has been developed primarily by the OSU Open Source Lab with help from the folks at GRNET and several Google GCI students. Ganeti Web Manager (GWM) is a Django-based web application that connects to the Ganeti Remote API. It allows Ganeti administrators access to the various common tasks along with incorporating a permission system. GWM has a long ways to go in terms of implementing more of the RAPI features and UI improvements but this first release should be enough to get people to start using it in production. You can download Ganeti Web Manager here.

Features in 0.4:

  • Caching system
  • Permissions system: - User & Group management - Per cluster/virtual machine permissions
  • Basic VM management: Create, Delete, Start, Stop, Reboot, VNC Console
  • SSH key feed (for a ganeti post-install hook)
  • Basic quota system
  • Import tools

Basic Installation Requirements

GWM has a fairly low requirement footprint and only requires a minimum amount of Django dependencies.

Currently Firefox and Chrome browsers should work well although know that IE will have issues. I certainly hope whoever is using this application has at least Firefox installed. You will need the Java browser plugin in order to the VNC console. The VNC console requires direct access to the VNC port on the VM but we are working with GRNET to add in a VNC Auth Proxy to get around that.

Ganeti compatibility:

  • >= 2.2.x - supported
  • 2.1.x - mostly supported
  • 2.0.x - unsupported but may work
  • 1.x - unsupported


List all virtual machines on a cluster:

List VMs in a cluster

Creating a new virtual machine form:

Creating a new virtual machine

Virtual machine reation output dynamically updating:

VM Creation output

Virtual machine VNC console using the java client.

VM VNC Console

Upcoming Features

We have lots of features we would like to eventually implement in GWM. You can see many of them on our issue tracker but here's a summary of notable features we plan to do.

I'm excited to see where Ganeti Web Manager goes. I plan to start rolling it out at the OSUOSL very soon and giving access to some of the projects we host. If you would like to become a contributor to the project, please check us out on IRC in #ganeti-webmgr on Freenode.

Check my blog and Peter's blog for more updates soon on Ganeti Web Manager.


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